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Assisting organisations and people   develop to adapt to changing business   environment
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We work with leadership to address governance, organizational capability and people competence issues. We develop re-structuring and re-organisation initiatives to improve effectiveness. Transfolign consultants also have the experience of coaching/mentoring leadership at various stages of organizational development.
Competency Models
  • Customized behavioral, managerial and technical competency model development
  • Leadership assessmeent, development & coaching
  • Progressivvely staged models for functional competencies
Multi Source Feedback & Assessment
  • Single stage and multi-stage assessment models
  • Assessment instruments and feedback processes, including Development centers, Multi-Source Feedback (MSF) process
  • Structured talent reviews and "high potential" identification
  • Psychometric assessment
Development & Training
  • Programs for competency feeback interpretation
  • "In-place" learning ideas, excercises & resources for competency growth
  • Long term development prgram design
  • Class room training design and delivery
  • Need-based intervention to enable effectiveness
Selection & Career Management
  • Competency-based career path identification and competenct mapping tools
  • Career planning and development framework
  • Succession planning / leadership pipline development
  • High potential talent management